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Hi Jeff.

I am a Lorenzini too. I live in Texas though. I just happened to type in my last name to see what came up and was very interested by your site. I don't know a whole lot about my heritage, but I am proud to be Italian! So is my family.

(Message received April 12, 2002)


Hi Jeff,




(Message received January 18, 2002)


Hello Jeff. 

I am married to a Lorenzini, her family comes from Pisarro Italy, grandfather was Cesaro Lorenzini, grandmother Angiola Buscaglia also for Pisarro, they came to PA in 1911, and then moved to NJ in 1940's.  My wifes maternal grandmother was Albina Petteniti and Grandfather was Pellegrini Gorbetti. Her father was Charles and mother, Mary.

Richard Bensler
(Message received December 19, 2001)


Hello Jeff,

I found your web site and I would like to know if you are familiar with our Lorenzini family. I am the third generation to America.

My Grandfather, Americo Lorenzini, was the first generation born in America, hence the name "Americo" His family started farming in Weldona, Colorado. I am not sure of the dates but I would like to get you the information if you would like it. He married Katie Chiara, another family that came to America and had five children, one of them being my father: Donald Frank Lorenzini. My father's sister Lorene (Lorenzini) Garetto visits Italy once every couple years. I would love to find out more about the Lorenzini family. If anyone knows any thing about my Grandfather, please e-mail me.

Donett (Lorenzini) Thomas

(Message received June 14, 2001)


Hi Jeff,

I came across your site and thought I would say hello.My name is Gino one of 7children of Gaetano and Christina Rossi Lorenzini.I am 75 yrs.of age and live in the small city of Olean N.Y.My father was born on a farm near Caprino and later lived in Dolce.My mother was born in San Marsanoto de Asti.Two brothers and myself visited there in "88",it was truly a moving experience.All of the relatives were gracious and hospitable nearly to a fault.Ill never regret going there but Im glad my father had the courageto come here.One of my brothers is a retired American Airline pilot of 28 yrs. and his route took him to Milan oftn so he knew many of the relatives and made a wonderful guide.If you get a chance,drop a line.
Ciao Jeff

Gino Lorenzini
(Message received March 16, 2001)


Hi Jeff,

This is Kasey I live in ct and my parents are Jeri and Richard Lorenzini my dad is a Lorenzini and his father my grandpa is Peter Paul Lorenzini

(Message received March 15, 2001)


Hi Jeff, 

thought I would drop you a line so I can talk to other Lorenzini's.
My name is Bruce { not very Italian , sorry } . My fathers family is from
Bolonga area, his name was Joseph. passed in 1966.  My mother is also pure
Italian her name is.......... Zermina, unusual even in Italian families. I
have a brother Richard. We live in southern New Jersey, I would get a kick
out of talking to other Lorenzini's. I have traveled this country pretty good
and will check phone books for other Lorenzini's as we move along. I have
called a few just to say hello. I believe there are more of us than we think.
O.K. just wanted to say hi.      

Bruce Lorenzini
(Message received January 12, 2001)


Hey Jeff!
It was great to see your website and enlightening. My name is Mike Lorenzini of MountProspect, Il (Chicago suburb). My dad's family came here from the Florence area around 1910. His father's name however escapes me as he died way before I was born, I am 38. My grandmother's name was Irma and spoke little English. They had two sons, Sergio, who fought in Patton's army and my dad Joseph who worked for the state of Il. They also had three sisters, Emily, Ilda and Lena- all deceased except for Lena. My dad also had a cousin, who owns(ed) Armando's restaurant in Chicago. There are various unconfirmed rumors about my grandmother's parents being a priest and a nun and that she was adopted by a family named Gatti or Gotti(sp?) In any case case I have a brother, Joe and 2 sisters, Mary Jo and Laurie. Thanks again for the great site and I wish you happy and healthy holidays! 

Michael Lorenzini
(Message received December 12, 2000)


I just found this page. My Lorenzini's are from Asciano-San Guiliano Terme. My g-g grandmother came to Chicago. She had some Lorenzini relatives in Chicago that I am trying to locate. I have many names of Lorenzini's in the 1800's so I'm curious as to which ones or their descendants came to Chicago. If you can help, let me know.

Sandy Clark

(Message received June 14, 2000)


Hi Jeff...

What a great surprise to find so many Lorenzini's.  As a kid growing up in Chicago I thought that my family name was so rare that there were probably very few of us with that name.  In addition to that my own family name of Lorenzini has ended with my Father and his brother, both of which only had daughters. So I'll begin by filling in my own family background which I have so little information about. And if there are any Lorenzini's who have further information about this branch of the Lorenzini's I would be ever to grateful.   

My Grandfather was Dan Lorenzini who came to the USA in the late 1800's.  He married Julia Sodini.  I think Dan had only sisters one of which was Rose and another Della.  My Grandfather Dan had two boys with Julia, Edward, my father and Clarence and one daughter, Juliette. Upon Julia's death some time in the 20's, my Grandfather Dan brought only his boys to Chicago where our Lorenzini family grew up. After Julia's death, my grandfather married again and had a son Tony Lorenzini, whose name I understand was later changed to Lawrence??  He did have two children, one of which is also named Jeff and who grew up on the south side of Chicago. So there may be more Lorenzini's from our family that I don't know about.  

My name is Elaine and I have a sister Phyllis, along with two cousins. Clarice and Marguerite the off springs of my Uncle Clarence.  Their sister Juliette married a Ben Norgren and had one son Dale who currently resides in either Minneapolis or somewhere in California. I have also had the great opportunity to visit Italy in 1980 and have promised myself another trip there and this time to see if I can find a town that may have been where my Grandfather came from. He had been either studying to become a draftsmen or Architect in Italy before coming to this country.  He went on to be in the building trades and my Father & Uncle followed in his steps and were bricklayers by trade and both had small construction companies after W.W.II in the Chicago area. 

So if anyone out there can fill in the blanks for me I would be ever so happy.  In any case, I married a Lawrence Blahnik and had a son Jeff too and a Daughter Julie Ann.  Larry also died very young and I now find myself married to Don Asquini.  So if any Italians living in Italy could help find the town where Lorenzini's and also the Asquini's are from we would add that town to our travel itinerary. Let me finally say, that in finding your site Jeff, I also found the Edward Lorenzini Family site to my very great surprise and great delight. Loved reading all the Lorenzini mail. Hope you can find a place for ours.  Hope to hear from some of the Lorenzini or Asquini Clan.

Elaine Lorenzini Asquini

(Message received June 11, 2000)

Ciao Jeff,

My name is D. Massimiliano Lorenzini (I go by Massimo for short). I live in Napa, CA (wine country). I was born in Naples, Italy. My mother is from Naples, my father is Italian-American. His family originated in Schio, Italy, which is in northeastern Italy, slightly northwest of Padova. My father's information is sketchy, but he believes that his grandparents came from Schio, Italy around 1901. They were both born in 1889 in Italy. His name was John (Giovanni?) Lorenzini and her name was Letizia (uncertain as to maiden name). They settled in Union City, New Jersey. John started a restaurant in Northvale, New Jersey called Lorenzini's. In recent years it has been bought by someone else and the name changed. One of their sons was Joseph Ercole Lorenzini, my father's father.

D. Massimo Lorenzini
(Original message received October, 1998. Posted April, 2000)


Hi Jeff, 

My name's Paul Lorenzini, family from Portland Oregon. Family origins in Pisa -- my grandfather was born there, moved to Marseille and married my grandmother, family also from Italy and they came to America in 1908. Lots of Lorenzini cousins and grandchildren living in Portland -- I suspect they would like to connect. Myself, I am in Australia for a few months running an electric distribution company, expecting to return in August to Portland.

Paul Lorenzini
(Message received April 13, 2000)


Hi Jeff:

I happened to see Ettore Lorenzini on the picture so I thought I'd better e-mail you.

My name is Lee and I'm the daughter of Victor Lorenzini, now deceased. I live in PA and I am anxious to hear from you. Do you happen to know Dan and Dave Lorenzini? I have a brother Edward in NJ.

Waiting to hear from you.


(Message received April 6, 2000)


Hi Jeff,

My great grandmother was Philomena Lorenzini born 8-19-1870 in Reggio Emilia. Her mother was Maria Immili, her father's first name I do not know. She married Luigi Ferrari in 1889, and they came to the United States in 1896. Philomena and Luigi had 9 children, the first one, Elizabeth, was born in Italy 2-28-1893. The rest of the family was born and resided in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Philomena died 3-12-1950, Luigi died 3-28-1928; both are buried in West Newton Cemetery, West Newton, Pennsylvania.

I haven't been able to find any more information about Philomena and Luigi. I hope I can make a connection through your family's website.

By the way, I didn't make the Lorenzini connection when I met you last year at Nicole D'Angelo's birthday party, which was held at her sister Julie's place in L.A. I came across your family website when I was doing some research today and it was then that I realized that I've met you face to face. Sometimes it is a small world!

Ede D'Angelo

(Message received March 20, 2000)


Hi Jeff,

Enjoyed tripping across your web page.  My maiden name was Lorenzini.  My father Giovanni was born in Paludea in Castelnovo del Friuli in 1902.  His father, Giovanni Maria Lorenzini born in 1876 and his mother, Catherine Colautti born in 1879 were both from Castelnovo.  He was the town cabinet maker.  I was born in France and now reside outside of Washington, DC after coming to the States at the age of 9.  I too have visited the Friuli region and would be interested to know if your nonno is related to us.  Paludea is awfully close to Anduins.

Best regards,
Sylviane Easton
(Message received
August 1st, 1999)


Hello Jeff,

My grandfather, Gilbert Lorenzini, was born in Seattle after his parents moved to America. His father worked in a steel mill and died when my grandfather was only 11. When he grew up, he married my grandmother, who was English. They celebrated their 60th anniversary this year. He is 83 now, and my grandmother 81. 

They had three children: Gail, Paul, and my mother, Michele. We live in Vancouver, Washington. My mother is an elementary school teacher. My Aunt does computer work for Blue Cross and lives in Portland, Oregon. My uncle lives in Lake Oswego, Oregon. He is the senior vice president for Pacificore, and has been in the newspaper several times. My grandfather had brothers, which are all dead now. Their children have children and live in other Oregon cities. My name is Bryson, and I am 16.

Bryson Hicks
(Message received July 28th, 1999)


I come from a Lorenzini line that landed in the US at the turn of the century. My grandfather, Ernest Maurice Lorenzini was born in Italy outside Monticatini and moved to San Francisco when he was very young. He had no siblings. My father, Robert Earnest Lorenzini was born in Boston in 1936 and now lives in the Bay Area. I was born in Palo Alto California in 1965 and have one sister, Haven Alletta Lorenzini born in 1970.. I now live in Seattle with my wife Robin and daughter, Sierra Jensen Lorenzini.

I'm very pleased with your site, and hope it can connect many others of the family.

Court Veghte Lorenzini


I just happened to be browsing the internet when I stumbled upon your web site. My name is Amy Lorenzini and I would be very curious to find out the origin of my family. If you have any advice to give me on how to start my search, I would really appreciate it. Unfortunately, I have very little information to work with, such as SS numbers of my grandfather (and family members) who immigrated to the US.

Amy Lorenzini


Hello from Illinois,

Some background: My father, Domenico, and mother, Rosina, emigrated to the USA with my elder brother, Silvio, and me, Pietro, in the 1950s. We are, of course, Lorenzinis. We Lorenzinis come from the town of Fivizzano in the province of Massa Carrara (just northwest of Pisa) in the region of Tuscany, Italy. Before emigrating to the USA, my dearest babbo, Domenico, was drafted into the Italian army in World War II & later he fought as a partisan against the Nazi occupation of Tuscany. Long before those especially difficult times, his father, brother and grandfather had all emigrated to California during the 1880's. They lived & worked in the San Fransisco & Santa Rosa areas through good times and bad (including the great San Fransisco earth quake) until they all, one by one, went back to Tuscany.

Interestingly enough, my dear mother's family had a similar history. As the fates would have it, after World War II, Domenico & Rosina settled in Chicago & now their children live in various parts of the USA and work in professions which include businessman & entrepreneur (Silvio); Nurse (Amelia); attorney (Agostino); and college professor of history & political science, me (Pietro). We all, though, have spent much of our free time with our relatives and friends in Italy.

Should you wish to reach me, send me an e-mail either at home at or at the college at auguri a tutti i lorenzini dell mondo,

Pietro Lorenzini


I was surfing the web and found the Lorenzini's family page. Well, I am a Lorenzini, and my first name is Dino! But most probably no relation to your family. Mine is from Brescia, Italy, where I still have an uncle whose name is also Dino Lorenzini.

While I would have expected Dino Lorenzini to possibly be a common name in Italy, I did not expect to find 3 of us in the US! I teach mathematics at the University of Georgia. My web page is

Best Regards,
Dino Lorenzini


Hi Jeff!
My name is Billie (girl) my last name is Lorenzini too!! My great grandfather Ceaser Lorenzini came over from Como to Etna, California around 1906 maybe I'm not sure. He was in San Fransisco when the big earthquake hit. He then moved up to Northern California and baught a dairy in Yreka, Ca.

Before he came over to America he had about three or four boys by his first wife in Italy (names unknown). I'm not sure if he was a widower, or if he left his first wife. He married my grandmother here in California and had two boys, my grandfather Herman Lorenzini and Waldo Lorenzini. I will try to research more and see if we are directly related.



Hello, my name is Richard Lorenzini. I live in Antioch, Illinois. I am married and have 4 boys and we are all named Lorenzini. My father came over from the "old county" in 1932 as an orphan to Chicago. I grew up in Milwaukee Wisc. and now I live about 50 miles away. i am a chemical engineer. I am taking Italian class at the local college so I can lean to read the language. What about you?



I found the Lorenzini home page and thought I would drop you a line. I am trying to find out more about my family and I didn't really know where to go. I am hoping that you can enlighten me about how to find info. I only can trace back as far as my great-grandfather. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.



I just tried out and was surprised to see it in use. Anyway, just thought I'd drop you a line and say nice work on the page.

My parents are Art and Mary Beth Lorenzini who live in the Bay Area. Art is self-employed and runs a successful housing development company, Claremont Homes. Both Art and Mary hail from Long Beach, CA. Art got his degree from UCLA, Mary from Long Beach State. I am currently in my last year at UCLA, and will start working as a consultant at PeopleSoft in the fall. My brother Nathan is currently in college at San Jose St., and my sister Sarah will be starting college in the fall at, guess where, UCLA. My brother and sister and I are all half Italian, with my father being the only full-blooded of the bunch.

I don't know much about our family history. I do know that my family came from a small town in northern Italy near the border of Austria, (can't think of the name of it).

Ryan A. Lorenzini

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